camp-restore-logoWe started this blog to show the mercy connections and partnerships that exist already in Minnesota North and North Dakota Districts  and tryng to help network so that more partnerships can develop and we can grow in our witness, mercy and life together.

Pastor Leo Deitemeyer was a Pastor in Ellendale, North Dakota.  When he retired I lost track of him for awhile.  I ran onto him and his wife as they were volunteering at Lutheran Island Camp over at Battle Lake Minnesota>  Now I hear that he is in Louisiana working at Camp Restore.  I was at Camp Restore at it’s inception back in 2005 after the hurricane.  It is still there and much work still needs to be done.  That is a sobering reminder for Minot and all places where disaster has struck.  The initial volunteer and help is overwhelming.  It is the long haul that gets difficult.  As the disasters stack up we find ourselves in trouble again for lack of funding and volunteers.  There is a way that we can help in New Orleans – Here is Deitemeyer, in his own words…..

We came south with the intention of working on a Laborers for Christ project in Houston, TX. That project has been dealing with permits and approval from  the various entities involved so work has not been started.  We continue here in the meantime – sheet rocking, mudding  and taping, siding, plumbing, painting, and assisting with community projects which lost their volunteers when their volunteer help moved out of the area or focused on rebuilding their homes. Its interesting and any help and financial support is received with much appreciation.  The homes that remain are homes owned by people who can’t afford the materials and labor and are purchasing supplies as they are able and installed by volunteers from here.

If you are reading this that means you have internet and we have a favor to ask of you – on behalf of Camp Restore:  A bank in New Orleans is having a contest which will entitle the entity that wins the most votes to receive $25,000.  2nd   place will receive $10,000.  Anyone with an email address from anywhere in the US can vote once a day until the end of the contest which is March 4 at 5PM.  Here’s how to do it:  go to:  –  click on Fundraisers & Promotional Materials – Scroll down to: Help us Win a $25,000 Grant

After you have the access code, which comes to you quickly, it only takes a minute to vote each day.  We have not  received any emails as a by-product of our voting these past couple weeks.

Camp Restore has been in 1st place with a nice lead at  times.  However, a newspaper has had an editorial written  recently by a lover of bassett hounds urging votes for the  2nd place organization – something about bassett hounds.   Therefore, your vote in support of Camp Restore EACH day until March 4 is desperately needed.  Why support dogs when  homes for people are needed – and will continue to be rebuilt over several years with the help of volunteers from Camp Restore.

Have a good week – God’s blessings accompanying you day by day.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Leo and Eunice

I did what he asked and the access code came and I voted – if we all vote once between now and Monday this could be huge.


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