The apostles are not the lords over the faith of the congregation, rather they work for its joy (2Corinthians 1:24).  That rather stunning statement comes from Paul’s defense of his ministry against all  kinds of charges.  He had told the Corinthians that he was coming to them and he did’t.  He was quick to give orders and find fault as some thought, yet he was there at hand.  One preacher described it like this – If today I sell one line of goods, tomorrow another, the day after another, you might say I am a peddler, a huckster. I sell whatever sells best. Peddling isn’t wrong or dishonorable. It is a part of our commercial life. In business it is possible, to be expected, at times even necessary, to change my line. But in religion it is unthinkable, reprehensible. In the religion of Christ it is disastrous. It seemed that Pastor Paul was that kind of minister, a religious peddler toward the congregation at Corinth”. But he Is not.

Dictatorial dealings with the Gospel is always a danger.  Demands to do certain things is a function of law and never results in what was intended.  The joy of the Gospel opens the possibility of a free conscience freely acting in that joy.