stupid 3

Up here in the North country we share lots of things and lousy weather is certainly one of them.  So it seemed like a great idea and I really need something like this since my car sits outside and in the morning when it is -40 the windshield is frozen over so……

You get this fabric that hooks to the mirrors and you extend it over the entire windshield and the wiper blades so that snow and freezing rain cannot get to the windshield and in the morning you just peel it off.  Now remember that this convers the entire windshield.  I put it on the the daytime and it made the interior of my truck so dark I had to turn on the cargo light to read the instructions and imagine my surprize at the warning.

I was watching TV this morning and some one was saying that they can’t believe that the “American people are that stupid”.  I don’t know what the subject was but this one got me.  Ecclesiastes 2:14 comes to mind.  We just have to insert the word “drives”.