123951As the Synod Convention was ending the LCMS Youth Gathering was getting underway.  Here is a picture of the Mass Gathering on Saturday night, where Pastor Matt Popovits asked the to consider the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is emotional and situational. Joy is deeper, connected; it’s anchored to something unshakable—the finished work of Christ alone. “For followers of Jesus Christ, true joy stays,” he said. The source of joy never leaves us.

Thousands of young people are gathered together in New Orleans for this event.  Tammi Ulland and Brock Ulland are attending from Zion along with a large group from across North Dakota.  They seem to be experiencing some joy.  Tammi sent this picture of Brock walking the nature trail that was mulched as a part of the Servant Events that take place at these gatherings.

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