On Sunday I mentioned the sad and sordid beginnings of what would become the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the soul wringing heart breaking inner examination the situation caused everyone involved.  Questions by Pastors of whether or not they were Pastors and if they had proper call; questions of whether or not the churches were real churches.  The first President of this church body was so upset with the situation and his part in it that he became physically ill and spiritually depressed.  His older brother named Herman wrote him a letter addressing the issue.  So here is part is a letter from Herman Walther to his younger brother Carl.  It is something that folks suffering depression and quilt shoulspd read and heed.  Sadly in this day and age people don’t feel quilt and don’t recognize sin, but that is a story for another time.


“You are still very weak, but you are not only spiritually weak but thoroughly miserable, without true comfort, peace, and joy. Alas, my dear brother! On the way which you are following you will not escape, but you will fall ever deeper and must sink down to hell. Why do you con-stantly torture yourself with your sins? Why do you lament over your unfitness for the office of the ministry, over your being destitute of all weapons of spiritual warfare? Why do you permit the memory of the offense which indeed was given -to press you down to the ground? Why do you permit to be intimidated, so that your last remnant of courage is taken? Because you do not turn to Christ, because you do not dare things with Him alone, throwing everything else away, and yield yourself entirely to Him, accepting Him alone as your Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption. One thing is needful! This is intended also for you. You are lacking only in that one thing wherein everything is given. . .. May God bless this medicine for your strengthening! For this and for every kind of spiritual blessing, light, life, strength, courage, and victory are rising to our merciful High Priest the prayers of your brother, who dearly loves you in Him and bears you in his heart, Hermann Walther.”