Old man Simeon saw the baby Jesus and wrote those marvelous words – “Oh Lord let your servant depart in peace, your word has been fulfilled for my own eyes have seen the salvation that you have prepared before the face of all people”

I can die now he is saying.  I can be at peace because God’s Word is fulfilled.  I can face my future unafraid because whatever happens to be I am redeemed and safe.  He has seen the salvation of the world.  This is a missionary text.  God prepared salvation for the whole word.

Christians may face the future unafraid also because of the knowledge of His salvation for all people. God’s purposes will be accomplished also in these days of greed and selfishness and confusion, Even these days serve the purpose of spreading the Gospel all over the world. For such a wonderful Savior, whose plans for the world of the future and the future salvation are being carried out give praise. On Him cast all your cares as the new year dawns.

This is also the time to look for ways to help our missionaries as well.  We have been talking about Julie McManus, one of our Mary Okeyo travelers and her need for help to stay where she is needed to help.  We have glowing reports of Julies work in caring for children at Project 24 sites and caring for missionary children too.  Go to