in christ

I have mentioned that there are three “c’s” to what we should be doing in mission and ministry as the people of God.  We should be confident, convinced and competent.  Paul the apostle gives a great list of reasons why we can have the three “c’s” in the letter to the Ephesians.

He proclaims to them that those in Christ constitute the body of Christ. That they are the household and family of God, that they are the temple and the habitation of God; that they are new human beings; they are fellow citizens and fellow heirs together. In Christ they share one Father; in Christ they are the children of God. The marvelous blessings of unity and equality for all who are “in Christ” are expressed everywhere in the letter. All who are in Christ share equal experiences, relationships, rights, privileges, and responsibilities. At the same time the privilege to be in Christ is extended on equal terms to all nations and all of this is the great missionary thrust of Paul who became an apostle and evangelist to all nations. Paul points out the marvelous gift of the church, that it was formed for the eternal purposes of God as he purposed it in Christ for all people.