pack the pews 1

As you know we started this blog to talk about mercy and the ways that congregations can join together to show mercy and what they can do individually as well.  I try to cover the theology and the drivers in society that make mercy and mission hard and we try and cover the glorious privilege we have as the people of God to serve Him and one another.  I also wanted to show our connections up here in the North country.  Pastor Kirk Douglas was at Gwinner, North Dakota for several years and is now in the Minnesota North District.  Here are some pictures of a great idea.

The Women’s Ministry Team at Trinity in New York Mills sponsored “Pack the Pews” to help stock the shelves at the NYM Food shelf. 566 non-perishable food items were donated and weighed 486 pounds!  $370 was also donated by Trinity’s members. Women’s Ministry had pledged to donate .50 cents for each item donated by the congregation (up to $200) so a check for $200 was also given to the NYM Food Shelf. Photos: Empty grocery bags line the pews waiting to be filled; Filled bags on the altar.   Well done –

pack the pews 2