I was not able to attend all of the Bold Witness Workshop that was held in Fargo on Saturday.  What I saw was very well done.  Rev. Mark Chepulis is the head of the “Witness, Mercy and Life Together” task force, Rev. Adam Moline is the Chairman of the Bold Witness Standing Committe.  These guys did a great job in setting up the workshop.

Bill Sharpe serves as the Vice President for LCEF in the North Dakota District and Bob Wurl is the head of the Kenya Task Force.  These folks came up with a great idea.  They have figured out a way to set up a “Joyful Response” electronic withdrawal donation that will be split between the Mary Okeyo Scholarship Fund and the Project 24 centers.  For $24 a month you can be an Elephant donor, $50 a Cheetah, $75 a Lion, and I am not sure if a Rhino is $10 or $100.  This isn’t a very good picture but here is the brochure –

For more information check out http://www.lcef.org/products_services/services/lcms_organizations/joyful_response.cfm or call Bill Sharpe 701- 361-0867 or Bob Wurl at 701-640-3681.