District Presidents at Buzz off Burger line

I came across this picture of the Council of Presidents for the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod at the “Bug Off Berger Line”.  This was a benefit put on to continue the work of the Lutheran Malaria Initiative.  This is President Fondow from Minnesota North getting a napkin and I believe that is Dr. Baneck from the North Dakota District about five gentlemen back looking on.

I have a lot of respect for District Presidents.  They do a lot of work and have a lot of responsibility and much of what they do is of a nature where whatever they do is going to make someone furious.  I told you about the book that I read called “Little Journeys With Martin Luther” in which Luther comes back to life in 1898 and tries to join a Lutheran Synod; any Lutheran Synod, in the United States.  This is the framework of the book in which, as they say, “hilarity ensues”.

In order to examine or “colloquize” a District President must summon a “colloquy” and since it is the vacation season he can’t find any Pastors to come.  He then does the next best thing and summons a group of Professors who were more than happy to come and as the author says, it set the stage for,  “much throwing about of brains”, to quote Shakespeare.  But about the Distirict Presidents he says,

District Presidents always have troubles – inborn, inherited, inflicted or incubated troubles.  If there are any other kinds they have them too.  Of course the incubator is most prolific.

Just so.  They deserve and I am sure they covet our prayers.