Corruption defined from last week and the discussion of Luke 18 is “not fearing God or respecting people”.  For a long time poltical folks have shown that they don’t respect people.  They have certainly shown that they don’t believe that they govern by consent of the governed.  Thomas Jefferson put that little phrase into the Declaration of Independence.  It had been a political philosophy for hundreds of years and sat over and against the Divine Right of Kings.  When you rule as if you had the divine right to do so, or as if you were above the laws that you pass you are corrupt.  When you hide what is in legislation and behind legalistic jargon you show a lack of respect for people that have to live with the consequences of what you have done.  The rigging of elections is an example of corruption because it shows that you believe you know better about what should be than the people doing the electing.

Once again there is proof that dead folks are voting in Colorado, or at least registering to do so.  It is so common in Chicago that the State Legislature is thinking of moving election day to Halloween.  It happens frequently but of course we are told that it is not that common.  A more significant and troubling detail that might be missed is that the political party that doesn’t have the majority if the dead vote, is now strenuously objecting to talk about “voter fraud”.  To say that this has been a strange election cycle is monumentally understating the case.  When the target of voter fraud argues against “rigged elections”, we are indeed in the twilight zone.