grumpy Pharisees

One of the leading Democrats thought it was all right that the Tea Party and other conservative groups were set on by the IRS.  They are “admittedly racist” he said which is a calumny in itself, but then he went on to equate them with the “Taliban”.  Funny how socialists and fascists and other “ist’s” can’t help with the name calling.  The problem that everyone is having is the age old issue of people who say one thing and do something else, or who tell you to do something that they won’t do.  Sort of like those who passed the health care law and know that they are beginning to understand what is in it want to be exempt from it.  Jesus ran up against this type constantly.  They are called Pharisees in the Bible.

It is noteworthy that the most vehement words ever written by Paul are written in the same religious context, directed against the intrusion of the Christianized Pharisaism into the church, against men who, though they apparently denied not a single positive tenant of Paul’s teaching, nevertheless made man once more the religious center of gravity. Jesus and Paul are at one in their anathema on all such. Galatians 16 to 9; 512