Norman Rockwell's G I Coming Home

I remember being fascinatied with this painting the first time I saw it.  The reality of what it pictures is amazing.

I have been writing about the pamphlet, “The Church at Work in The World at War”. It is an amazing document and confronts issues that beggar our imagination. At the time of the writing 75,000 men and women a month were being released from service either in the United States or overseas. This influx of men, many of whom had seen the horrors of battle, posed a problem that our church was looking at with the eyes of faith. Here once again is a quote from the pamphlet.

“It has been said that after the last world war the church left the returning soldiers down. The church has been accused of falling down on the job of lifting up spiritually those who needed it most bring the years of depression. Pray God that he will lend us wisdom and understanding and action in meeting the spiritual and physical and social needs of our men and women as they come back to us”.

Sounds like “Witness, Mercy and Life Together” to me.