Bill Clinton might actually have touched on the truth a few times in this election.  Once when he called Obamacare the craziest thing he has ever seen, and now when he went after old, grey haired white folks who are worried about illegal immigration.  Who is going to pay for your Social Security?  Of course some of us asked that question years ago when Democrats pushed through the legal death of millions of children who, had they grown would right now be paying into Social Security.  The idea that we have to illegally transport folks into this country and prey upon their fears and poverty in their own countries to prop our old age, and allow the millennials to live in their parents basements should be rather ghastly to thinking human beings.

So from one grey haired white guy to another thank you Bill for actually being honest for a change.  Of course you don’t have to worry about your Social Security, you have the Clinton Foundation.  Maybe someday you can slip up and tell us the truth about that operation.