So the Iranians wanted more money and we are proud that we only gave them over a billion.  They wanted more prisoners and we are proud that we only had to give them a few criminals in exchange for innocents.  Our Sailors were made to kneel and were captured on the sea and on film, and we are proud that the Iranians let them go because of diplomacy.

I told an acquaintance to batten down the hatches because there is going to be a bunch of kidnappings coming down the pike and lo and behold we wake up to find that folks were kidnapped in Baghdad yesterday.

Kidnapping is an ancient way of life in the near East.  One of the great stories of God’s promises is in Genesis 15 when God reiterates the promise that He made to Abraham.  It comes at a time when Abraham (Abram) has rescued his nephew who had been kidnapped and should have been elated and instead is depressed and frightened.  I am sure that he was afraid that the kidnappers who were fairly powerful Kings would come back for revenge.  God speaks to him the first time in the Bible words that will be said over and over – “Don’t be afraid”.  God says that He is Abrahams shield and great reward.  He reestablished the covenant that He had made before.  Abraham in a sense had redeemed his nephew and returned him safely but he did it by destroying the kidnappers.

Josephs brothers were conspirators in a kidnapping and they were “evil”, yet God turned it to good (Genesis 50).

In Exodus the Law concerning kidnapping was death.

Of course we might want to dismiss any offense if we read 1 Timothy 1:8-12.  Everybody gets pretty much wrapped up in the condemnation.

So that is what we do – dismiss any kind of judgment except on those who would make a judgement.

I am happy for the released captives that will be going home.

I am happy for their families and I grieve for their years of grief and pain.

I hope I am wrong but my guess is that we are going to see a lot of kidnapping going on.