The waters of some pretty big jugs, about 180 gallons worth “were made wine” (KJV); the waters “became” wine (RSV). And this Bible word for “made” and “became”  also means “to be born, to change one’s nature, to enter into a new condition.”  The word is used more often of changed people than of changed things. The context alerts us to this added dimension of Jesus’ power. He gave power for water to become wine, but
here are also disciples who had become the children of God. Shortly after this Nicodemus said, “No man can do these signs [like water into wine} unless God be with him.” Then see Jesus pointing to a creation more significant than wine born of water -a man born of water and of the Spirit! (John 3: 5).

There is Here  Power to Make Us Signs!

We stand amazed at this sign of water into wine, because we know the same power at work there has been at work in us to make us miracles and signs. We have been born, John says, “not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of God” (John 1: 13). Water into wine then only seems long ago and far away. Actually this sign is as close and as recent as sinners changed into saints. It is as recent as our baptismal remembrance and our hearing the Word proclaimed and our sins forgiven.  Stand amazed at stone pots but stand more amazed at Christians witnessing to their faith and preaching in the face of persecution and death.

Children of wrath are “made” children of the Heavenly Father, by grace, by faith, by Jesus,

My thanks for a study on “signs” from Arthur Vincent.