Lutherans engage

This from Erik M. Lunsford writing in “Lutherans Engage the World”,  January – February 2016

“Under the shadow of a chiseled cross built in a church on a quiet compound near Kisumu, Kenya, boys in matching navy-blue tracksuits stand in line, bow their heads, clasp their hands and sing, their liturgical-sounding voices defying their lanky bodies.

These are the boys of the Othoro boarding-school facility, one of four primary school boarding facilities in Kenya operated with assistance from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Now the Synod’s new initiative “Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya” provides the opportunity to sponsor children like the boys from the Othoro school.

“The project has as its primary focus the clear proclamation of the Gospel into the ears of our children such that they can become the ambassadors of the Gospel to their families, clans and communities,” said the Rev. Shauen Trump, LCMS area director for Eastern and Southern Africa.

The boarding-school sites were built as part of Project 24, a partnership between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (ELCK), the LCMS Office of International Mission and various LCMS individuals and organizations.

The schools provide a Christ-centered, loving, caring and safe environment for vulnerable children who might otherwise not be able to attend school or who might be at risk for dropping out of school. Children also receive free tuition, medical care and meals.”

Thank you to Erik for this great article.  You can get it on line.  Just google Lutherans Engage the World and it will pop up.  I will talk about the partnership of Christ Care for Children in Kenya and Project 24 later.