Here are pictures of Tumaini –

Project 24 as we have explained is the construction piece for Boarding schools.  1001 Orphans used to be the child care portion.  The new child care piece is called Christ Cares for Children Kenya –

this from Britt Odemba

We are well here in Kenya.  The sun is shining and we are beginning our
warm season here in Kenya.  I know that some of you in “cold country” will
be envious.  As we always say, you are most welcome to come to Kenya and
visit :).

With it being a new year, the Kenyan schools have also started a brand new
school year.  The children of Project 24 have moved up to the next class.
For those who finished grade 8, they are either continuing on into high
school or looking into vocational schools.  The Project 24 sites are also
welcoming new students as some of the ones from last year have graduated
out of the program.  This is an exciting time for our students as well as
for the site managers who continue to care for them.

We will be launching our child sponsorship program, Christ’s Care for
Children;  Kenya this year.  We are starting to gather the information
needed for the program as well as training the Project 24 site managers as
to how this program will be run.  More information will be given to you as
we finalize all of the details.

A newsletter will be sent at the end of this month, sharing current
information of each site.  In the mean time, we wanted to remind you of
some upcoming events:

The State of Project 24 Forum will be held on Feb. 17th and 20th at Othoro.
The Bible Competition will be held on March 31st to April 3rd at Rongo.

May God continue to bless you and keep you!  We look forward to a new and
productive year!

In Christ,
Britt Odemba