Some of the really little children at the really little VBS

As our churches get older it gets hard to remember the “good old days” when we had lots of children in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.  As those kids grew and moved away and had kids of their own we see what could have been when they come back to visit Grandma and Grandpa. 

We do have some really little kids though and so we had a “really Little Children’s VBS”.  It was for really little kids and it lasted a really little time.

Hieroglyphics on the sidewalk

I have spoken to large groups of people at conventions and rally’s.  I have spoken to folks from different cultures at Bioethics conferences in the Pacific to evangelists and deaconness’ in Africa and I get nervous.  But no one has made me sweat like these really little kids.  Five minutes and I was drenched with sweat and worn out.
Thanks to the helpers.