There are many ways that congregations can do mercy and show mercy and be a good corporate citizen.  Food pantries and community projects like St. John’s in Park Rapids did (see September 20,2013) and there are many more.  One way is to sponsor a blood drive.  Trinity Lutheran Church in Drayton is sponsoring a blood drive in Drayton on Monday September 30 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm at Tisdale Manor.

These are the kinds of partnerships that work and work well in our communities.  United Blood Services supplies the service.  Tisdale Manor supplies the place.  Trinity would have but we had too many stairs and no air conditioning.  We were going to do this at the Drayton public school but their air conditioners are not working either.  Members of Trinity make the phone calls and supply the bars and cookies and juice to those who give the donations.  Now all we need is donors.  If you can give blood and even if you think that you can’t give blood for any reason please call United Blood Services at 1-800-917-4929.  You can even go online and  sign up at .  You have to be 16 years old.  If you live in or around Drayton please consider this.  Blood donations will effect 1 of every five people in the US this year.  Everyone I know has had a loved one or themselves needing blood at some time in their lives.  Every donation can save three lives.  That is pretty amazing stuff and very simple to do.