I wrote about these guys before.  The only reason that I even saw them was because of the plastic bag!  They are a kind of local militia that was formed to wander around in the wilds of the Samburu wildlife refuge and protect elephants and other creatures from the Al Shabab terrorists that were coming into Northern Kenya for the sole purpose of raising hell.  While we were in Wamba there were several Kenyan Army incursions into Somalia that were meant to destroy their safe havens and incursion points.  I said at that time it was a nasty little war that the Kenyans were fighting not only for themselves but for us because I believe that Kenya is the linchpin that can keep Africa from being Islamized.  Muslim extremists have said in the past that they wanted to Islamize all of Africa by 2015.  They only have two years left.  Kenya has probably endured more terrorist bombings than any other Sub Saharan nation.

Our partner church there struggles with all sorts of things from interior politics to a lack of cash and they continue to work hard to present the Gospel and witness to Christ.  Our Project 24 centers struggle and we struggle to help appropriately and faithfully.  We have been told that one of our centers has closed because of some Islamic pressures.  We try and send appropriate help and perhaps we will have to start sending some advice.  What alarms me is that there is some evidence that the US has sent more than aid – we may have sent some terrorists too.  Reports that I have heard talk about terrorists form Minnesota being in the Mall at Nairobi.  So now besides aid and what we hope is good mercy projects we may be exporting terrorists.  And from Minnesota no less!

We have been talking about the partnerships that we have up here in the North Country and the connections that exist.  It occurred to me this morning as I watched the news and heard commentary about Malls and how we should be careful.  There is a Westgate Mall in Brainerd.  The Westgate Mall in Nairobi was visited by our Mary Okeyo travelers on their last trip and by some others on previous trips.  I am sure they are wondering and hoping that all will be well.  So many things to remember in prayer.