We will get back to the discussion of “Who is it for” one of these days.  There are a lot of people that have talked to me about it although not on line.  I have also had people say that David got a lot of “run” on these pages.  He has and I hope he will.  The partnerships that exist between us in Kenya really have three people that make this mixture work – David Chuchu, John Halake (who will be here soon) and Bishop Obare.  So they get a lot of “run” because I want people to know about them and appreciate what they do as much as I do. 

So David went to a hockey game and by all accounts was fascinated.  He should be on a plane today for Wisconsin where he will spend some time at Bethesda Lutheran Homes.  There is a partnership with Bethesda as well.  The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya partners with Bethesda Lutheran Homes to provide care and support for handicapped children.  God bless his travels and I look forward to seeing him in Kenya soon.

David is the guy in the middle.  Bill Sharpe to the left is one of the original Project 24 guys as is Bob Wurl, the guy on the right.