I am told that Rev. David Chuchu had a wonderful time in Minnesota at Park Rapids and at the Lutheran Island gathering of Pastors.  The hospitality was wonderful.  He has been across the length of North Dakota, all the way to the Badlands and Medora and today he is in Devil’s Lake and then on to Grand Forks.  He will be preaching at Immanuel tommorow.  Bob Wurl, one of the original Project 24 guys, has graciously invited David to go to a hockey game at the “Ralph”.

I was invited into many homes for dinner or supper while visiting Kenya and one things that I enjoyed was the variety of calenders on the walls of homes and huts.  One calender predominated and that was for “Manchester United”.  This is one of the fifty most popular teams in the world and it is of course a “football” team in the sense that the rest of the world understands it.  I believe that at Davids home in Kisumu I saw a Manchester United poster but that was years ago

Manchester is a shipping town, hence the ship.  They were called the “red devils” by some angry French writer after some amazing matches.  I wonder if there is any controversy about this logo like there is for the Sioux logo?

I understand that District President Baneck was trying to explain hockey to David.  I am told that he said it was “like soccer on ice with sticks”.  I have always though of it like a bunch of guys chasing a rat on the ice with evil intentions.

Anyway Rev. Chuchu is going to a hockey game tonight and I hope he has fun.  I was going to try to get him to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Vikings but I would like him to come back someday.