I took much heat a while back when I write that politics are assuming the aura of religion and it is worrisome.  I, of course, was considered to be not separating church and State.  Anyway a guy by the name of Matt Taibbi wrote  a piece called the “American Press is Destroying Itself”.  He is not a conservative nut but a liberal who, I believe writes for “Rolling Stone”.  Here a a quote about the politics of covid and riots…..George Floyd funeral etc


“Each passing day sees more scenes that recall something closer to cult religion than politics. White protesters in Floyd’s Houston hometown kneeling and praying to black residents for “forgiveness… for years and years of racism” are one thing, but what are we to make of white police in Cary, North Carolina, kneeling and washing the feet of Black pastors? What about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer kneeling while dressed in “African kente cloth scarves”?

There is symbolism here that goes beyond frustration with police or even with racism: these are orgiastic, quasi-religious, and most of all, deeply weird scenes, and the press is too paralyzed to wonder at it. In a business where the first job requirement was once the willingness to ask tough questions, we’ve become afraid to ask obvious ones.”