In these grey and latter days when we need folks whose life is praise and doxology to God’s great mercy and grace, we have many folks who are wobbly and timid and don’t want to be confrontational with the principalities and powers that Jesus defeated and made a public spetacle of by defeating them on the cross.  They use excuses like cultural sensitivity to water down witness and not being willing to offend anyone when Paul the great apostle says that by definition God’s grace and mercy shown on the cross is a stumbling block and an offense.  That is why it needs to be preached and witnessed too, so the Holy Spirit can use it to change offended and stumbling folks to followers of Jesus.

We might want to take a cue from our Project 24 young people.  They are holding a catechetical conference at Rongo, one of the Project 24 centers and they will be reciting and learning the catechism as well as learning how to stand up for Jesus and defend the faith.  We should send some of our spiritual leaders off to learn from the young people at Rongo.