So Paul in Colossians talks about Jesus defeating the principalities and the powers that sought to destroy us blotting out the hand writing of transgression that was against us, knocking aside every thing that would keep us from becoming his; pushing them aside and nailing them to the cross. All those principalities and powers out there: all the-isms; all the liars all the structures that would keep us from finding
out about God‘s mercy in Jesus have been defeated. It is surpassing strange to me that over and over again in our life together we see people who instead of confronting those structures and saying you’ve been defeated, try to apologize to them and not be confrontational. The greatest confrontation in the universe took  place on the cross of Calvary. That confrontation ended when Jesus said “it is finished”.
The battles are all over.  Why do feel this stupid need to apologize?  We don’t want to offend.  Well the Gospel is an offensive.  Get over it and proclaim it.