Warning – video is pretty graphic



The Government of Kenya has invoked the concept of social distancing and also the idea of a National curfew.  So there is a conundrum.  What if you live on an island and work on the mainland or vice versa?  You have to be home for the curfew and in normal times it could done easily.  In this case a ferry that I have been on many times that carries a tremendous amount of people was only allowed to carry a few.  People panicking about the curfew were caught in the usual trap of the central planning gurus that plague all societies.  Bob Wurl sent me the images and this note from a friend  –

“This was yesterday in Mombasa. Most people left their jobs early and had to queue for long hours to get into the ferry from the island to the main land. The ferry that normally carries about 3000 people is now restricted to only carry 400 people, so time caught up with most people and our police, not being the understanding ones, clobbered them ruthlessly, an hour before the curfew.”

Folks who love to control other folks of course have the usual apparatchik explaination that to save the health of the nation you might have to send some non-sick folks to the hospital.

Pray for our friends around the world and our missionaries who are sometimes put in tough spots.  The covid 19 stuff doesn’t help but it is for many around the world just one on the list of problems that threaten their life.