office of keys


MARK IV: These Christian, holy people are recognized by the Office of the Keys exercised publicly.

The office of the keys (Matt 18:15-20) involves the confession and forgiveness of sins—“if a Christian sins, he should be reproved; and if he does not mend his ways, he should be bound in his sin and cast out.” The keys must be used differently, both publicly and privately, according to the needs of the penitent. “Now where you see sins forgiven or reproved in some persons, be it publicly or privately, you may know that God’s people are there.”

Project 23 Centers are meant to be built where children can hear the Gospel, receive baptism, be instructed so as to receive the Lord’s Supper and hear and receive absolution for their sins.  We know that children are conceived and born sinful and are in need of daily forgiveness as they live out their baptismal life.