lords supper

MARK III: These Christian, holy people are recognized by the holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Again, Luther stresses that the Lord’s Supper must be “rightly administered, believed, and received, according to Christ’s institution.” As with baptism, he asserts that it “belongs to him who receives it, not to him who administers it,” therefore, one need not worry about being properly dressed to receive it or whether you are male or female or young or old. Nor does one need to be overly concerned about the holiness of the one giving it. Communion is God’s sacrament, benefiting those whose receive it with faith in Christ.

Project 24 Centers were based on the premise that where there is a pulpit and a font there would also be the receiving of the Holy Supper of Christ’s Body and Blood.  Therefore Project 24 centers were  and will be built where children can be instructed and catechized until they are ready to receive the sacrament.