Artists Rendition of the Jordan River

I went to Fergus Falls and did a Mission/Mercy service with Rev. Fondow last Sunday.  It was a wonderful time and the people of Trinity were very kind and had a nice breakfast and time of sharing and questions that was very enjoyable.  It was also All Saints Sunday and on my way home I went down some back roads before hitting the interstate.  I found some of the old country cemetaries that were probably in a church yard at one time.  Now the church is gone but the “dormitory of the faithful departed’ remains (see 10/22).  I like to go through and see the older headstones and the markers for the Veterans.

Yesterday was Veterans Day.  Remembering those who have served in the Armed Forces of our nation has always been an  interesting time for me.  My Father and most of my Uncles served in the Armed Forces.  My Father was in the Pacific during WWII, an Uncle in the Air Corps in England, others served in Korea.  I always wanted them to talk about their experiences but they never really did.  Little dribs and drabs came out over the years, enough to give me a hint of the trials and ordeals that they went through.

Those memories always take me back to All Saints and the remembrance of those that have gone before us in the faith.  Those that shared their love and faith with us go into our memory and feed the hope that we have in Christ and enrich or “life together” today. 

The Jordan River has served as the symbolic point of crossing to life everlasting.  Just as the people of Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the promised  land we pass from death into life because of the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross, and His resurrection.  The old Blue Grass artists had a great concept of that image in the song “Far Side Banks of Jordan”.  This is my cover of that great ol tune.  It makes me tear up when I sing it and it reduces my wife to a blubbering wreck so it must be good.  Not my version, the song.  Hope you like

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