A few years ago I was wondering around the backwoods of Minnesota North – I don’t remember what I was doing but I was on an old lumber road and there was a lot of snow on the ground.  I saw an old guy out with a chain saw obviously getting his own Christmas tree.  That image stuck in my mind.  I, of course wondered why he was all alone, and where he was taking the tree.  This time of the year I think of those that have lost loved ones and may be be having the first Christmas all alone.  All of the traditions and memories and things taken for granted suddenly loom into focus and a lot of “stuff” gets magnified.  Nursing home visits this time of the year can be particularly difficult when families have families and those that gathered in one place now scatter and go other places.  And of course, then I thought of those over seas that have had to celebrate alone and perhaps have new family members that they have never met.  So this song kept going around in my mind – “Always Loved You Always Will”.  This season of the year I believe holds promise for the lonely and the downcast and those separated from the ones they love for whatever reason.  Say a prayer for them.


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