theologyThere is a hymn that talks about the problems of life and the difficulties that we have trying to understand what is going on if God is in charge.  There is a hymn  that has a line in it that says that “God is his own interpreter and he will make it plain.”  Oswald Bayer talking about Luther’s understanding of life and the Scriptures that are the Word of God has an interesting concept laid out for us.  We think that we read the Bible to interpret what it says and sometimes we need a theologian to do that.  Well all of us are theologians in that all if us have “words or thoughts about God”.  So get this.  Luther understood that the Bible interprets us.

“A theologian is a person who is interpreted by the Scriptures. They let themselves be interpreted by the Scriptures. Once they have been interpreted my God’s word, they interpret it for others who are trouble or afflicted. “