The Halakes at Marsibit

John Halake is the General Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya.  Many of you have met him.  He has been in many of our churches.  He is a friend of mine and I always wanted to go to his home in Marsabit.  The time I was going to go we couldn’t fly because they had had torrential rains and the roads were horrible.  It could take over a day to get to Marsabit a few years ago.  Now the Chinese have built a great road towards Marsabit and whether of not ot goes all the way there or not I do not know.

Bob Wurl and Pastor Adam Moline are the Kenya Task force for the North Dakota District and have been in Kenya since September 3.  They were able to go up to Marsabit and see Johns original parish and visit his parents.  They should be coming home soon and I am anxious to hear about their trip and observations.

John still tries to keep in touch with the former members of his parish and he talks to his mom and dad often by cell phone.  We pray God’s blessings on John and his parents.  It always brings to my mind the trans parochial nature of the church and the fact that we are bound to one another in Christ wherever we may be.  I love the idea that when I am asleep people like John and his parents are praying for me and the whole church in Christ and when they are asleep we do the same.  The prayer of the church is continuous as God’s mercy and renewal of the church is continous through the Holy Spirit.