This is the dedication service for the dormitory at a Project 24 Boarding school at Tumaini.

Kevin Dobson writing in the Lutherans Engage magazine, for November and December 2015 has a wonderful turn of phrase. He says “Perceive the kairo’s, don’t be distracted by the chaos”. That’s a great phrase. Kairo’s means God’s time. The Bible says in Gods time, at just the right time, God sent his son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law. Gods time is always the right time.
When he sends us out into the world to do acts of mercy, we may seem to be doing foolish things in the eyes of the world. But yet in Gods time the opportunities to help our neighbors are incredible.

The task of preaching is to plant people into God’s time and proclaim that at the right time God sent His Son to save us and set us free from the powers that held and bound us so that we are free to love Him and our neighbors.  There is no bad time to proclaim the Gospel and serve our neighbors in Gods’ time.  To the world we may look foolish and  wasteful.  To the principalities and  powers there is a cool calculating glance at what we are and what we do and a real effort to destroy us.  Perceiving the kairos is not difficult because the Holy Spirit is at work.  Not being distracted by the chaos is difficult.

Rev. Dobson’s article is timely and appreciated.