I am still trying to get someone to explain to me the difference between a follower of Islam and a violent Jihadist.

Islam by definition is a warrior religion.  It may have started out peaceably, but it certainly did not remain that way for very long. Just before he died in 630 the Prophet Mohammed reiterated in a sermon what Islam is all about. He said, “I have been commanded by God to fight against all people, until they testify to the fact that there is no God but Allah, and believe in me, that I am the messenger from the Lord and in all that I have brought”. It should be taught among us and isn’t, that according to Islamic law, the mission to bring about through social, political, and military struggle a worldwide submission to Islam is perpetual.  It is a law that cannot be rescinded and therefore militant Islam is Islam.  A peaceful Muslim is by definition a heretic and no Muslim at all.  In fact that type of Muslim needs to be converted.

So someone is lying to us.  Either Mohammed was pulling our leg when he gave his last will and testament or some folks that are supposed to be protecting us are fools.  Maybe 1375 years of history with militant Islam everywhere from Vienna to Spain, to Algeria and Malaysia, to the Twin and Eiffel Towers was just mass hysteria.  Perhaps the fact that a great deal of treasure and psychic energy was expended by Presidents as disparate as  Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt over militant Islam was just because they were racists and war mongers.

Whatever the truth, someone is lying to us.