It is difficult to believe that it is 6 years almost to the day since I took this picture with the Samburu people at Wamba in Northern Kenya.  In my memory it was in the low eighties and I marveled at this little one who looks like he is ready for below zero and a blizzard.  Cold is in the snowsuit of the beholder I guess, but I always wonder what our Kenyan friends would think of – 24.  I know what I think and the older I get the worse it feels.

It is 22 here today and almost balmy after the deep freeze of the last few weeks.  It is 22 in Wamba as well but that is centigrade.  If I remember the old formula you multiply by 9, then divide by 5, then add 32.  My math, always shaky says that means, 65 Fahrenheit.  Of course it is 5;30 in the evening there.  Nevertheless it is nice not to have my hands freeze to door knob after I wash them and not having to run the car for hours to get warm.  I was told when I came here that – 40  below has its advantages but I can’t remember what they were.

To my warm hearted friends in Kenya – stay warm.  I miss the boiled milk and coffee and cane sugar in the morning.  Keep praying for one another and for your friends here.  Continue to share the Gospel and spread the Good News.