Glorified, I shall anew
With this flesh then be enshrouded;
In this body I shall view
God, my Lord, with eyes unclouded;
In this flesh I then shall see
Jesus Christ eternally.

It wasn’t long after entering school that I began to realize that there really are movements all around us that seek to change a biblical view of reality into something totally different. We have talked before about worldview warfare that seeks to either set one standard of reality, or to say that everyone creates their reality and we hope you will join us in our particular view of how the world actually works.

When I began studying to be a pastor I was stunned to learn that there were professors and books and commentaries that basically tried to convince folks that the Bible never really teaches a bodily resurrection from the dead. I did not consider myself to be much of a Bible scholar at that time and I’m not sure I am much of a Bible scholar even now but as soon as you hear a statement like that you have to ask some questions. There’s a very quick reference in one of the Gospels about the Sadducees. It is stated that the Sadducees were different because they did not believe in the resurrection of the dead. If there were different because they don’t believe in the resurrection of the dead then somebody was teaching the dead rise. That statement will be turned around on you very quickly by scholars who will say that the Sadducees e believed in a strict interpretation of the first five books of Moses and there is nothing about the resurrection in them. That may be true but there are certain hints.  Of course later on  we have Job talking about “in my flesh will I see my God even if the skin worms destroy this body”. And then we have the apostle Paul who was probably one of the greatest Old testament scholars of all time who says “behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all die. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last judgment”. The dead in Christ will be changed and raised incorruptible. In fact the resurrection of the dead is probably the most important belief that we have. Because as Paul said if Christ has not been raised from the dead our teaching is in vain, our faith is in vain and we are of all people at the most to be pitied.

This verse beautifully portrays what our resurrected body will be like. No more signing no more sorrow no more sickness no more pain.
We keep our bodies but they are glorified. We keep our bodies but they’re no longer be handicapped. We keep our bodies and they will last forever.