Then these eyes my Lord shall know,
My Redeemer and my Brother;
In His love my soul shall glow,–
I myself, and not another!
Then the weakness I feel here
Shall forever disappear.

The hymn stanzas are really a reiteration of the great passages from the book of Job.  Job seems to vacillate between hope and despair; faith and unbelief; self righteousness and reliance.

Job therefore is not a plaster saint and the phrase “the patience of Job” is and oxymoron. He is a picture of our life. Every believer whose faith in God falters in the midst of trials and sickness and tribulations can see themselves in this individual from so long ago.  The hymn says it well.  God lifts him when his eyes of faith grow dim; He helps him overcome his doubts; He forgives and blesses him.

Many scholars believe that the ultimate message of Job is that “that there is no just man upon earth that doeth good and sinneth not.”   I spite of our best efforts and noblest intentions and our deepest prayers none of us keep the First Commandment and love God with all our hearts, souls and minds.  God gives us the vision of life everlasting and true worship in everlasting life through Christ our Lord.