Little Alfie


Little Louie

The compassionate Socialist veil was lifted once again at the obduracy of the grinding health care system of Britain that is long on rules and regulation and short on mercy.  The little brother of the British system is our own VA that seems inflexible and impervious to any kind of change or improvement.  Veterans continue to die at an alarming rate simply waiting for an appointment.  Meanwhile Congress continues to have it’s own top notch medical care.  Little Alfie was consigned to death by an over arching  beaurocracy that is so self important they wouldn’t grant “permission” for him to go to Italy even though he was given Italian citizenship.  The implication is that children are the property of the State and not their parents.  Little Louie, the result of the Union between Royals, will want for nothing and will receive the finest care.  My guess is that he will not be enrolled in the British Health Care system, and the Royals would sell Balmoral to get him the best care if something bad should happen.

Two beautiful children and two totally different kinds of care.  Exactly what the so called compassionate among us desire to change; at least that is what they say.  Meanwhile conservatives long have been accused of wanting to starve children and throw granny off the cliff.  It is instructive what happens when the socialists among us actually have the chance to starve a child.

So congratulations and blessings on the Royals and condolences and sympathy to the parents of little Alfie.