I talked last week about getting acquainted again with the Old Testament Book of Judges which is a pretty good yarn.  Deliverance to the promised land didn’t mean a faithful missionary people suddenly developed and performed as a Kingdom of Priests and a Holy nation.  The long litany of evil in that book is quite remarkable and the shocking loss of decency is stunning.  The Judges are saviors and redeemers who are types of Christ the great redeemer and champion.

“We marvel at God’s patience. We tire of even reading the recurring pattern of gross infidelity, repentance under chastisement, relief from disaster after repentance, and then the inevitable relapse into the same evil. Can the plot of history be so monotonous, unimaginative, and unvarying? But no formula or recapitulation of history is true unless it is based on the perversity of the human heart and the realism of the unending justice and mercy of God.” Walter Roehers