It’s getting hard to keep track of all the marches that have been going on but the March for Life has taken place every year for 44 years and never been attended by a President or a vice President in all that time.  Vice President Pence was at this one and spoke to a crowd that no has even estimated yet but I am told it was huge.  I was amazed at the difference between this march and the one that took place last week; the Women’s March on Washington.  Women marching with their daughters and grand daughters in the midst of pornographic signs and filthy chants.  I wonder how those grand moms explained some of those signs to those daughters.

I didn’t see any of that at this march.  I have been told that 6 Missouri Synod District Presidents were there.  Rev. Anderson from Rocky Mountain District, Rev. Fondow from Minnesota North, Rev, Wille from So Wisconsin, Rev. Lange from Kansas, and I will try and list the others later.

Standing up for life at all stages from preborn to natural death used to be a “value” that all Christians shared.  Not so anymore.  Marches like this do several things. They remind us that there are folks out there who still have those values.  They serve as a shot in the arm and an encouragement to those who have been fighting the good fight.  They reinforce the truth that the press in this country is not only one sided, but they really do think that they decide what is news and what isn’t.