We followed them in their travels and prayed for their safe returns.  We worried about them when they were gone and rejoiced at what they learned and experienced and the joy they exhibited in finding Christians around the world that shared the love of Christ and witnessed to that love in word and deed.  We listened to their presentations and the emphasis that they made on mercy in the world.  They are still out their sharing their experiences and love.  Julie McManus has taken the next step and will be a GEO missionary in Kenya.  I had the great honor and privilege of being able to sign her call document along with 16 other candidates that are going into the field to be missionaries for our church.

Julie went on a Mary Okeyo trip with Bill Sharpe a few years ago and I would like to think that experience and the contacts made brought her to be a GEO missionary.  That means that she will be in Africa for 2 years as a Globally Engaged Outreach missionary.   If you want to support her you can find out how at the Synod website  at lcms.org.  Remember her in prayer as well.