So the New York Times that can’t report too much on real creepy stuff like Jeremy Epstein and his connection with the deep state, spend a lot of ink on a article about texts from the past that suddenly showed up on over one hundred thousand platforms, and it was, well, creepy..  The hyperbolic language and the amount of quoted personal stories ranged from nervous folks who thought their ex’s were trying to get things going again, to some who thought they were getting messages from the grave.  One young lady who said that she was just getting back to normal after the death of her father when she received a message from him sent before he died and freaked out.  Others were embarrassed when their bosses received texts from them a year old asking for leave from work because of sickness.  The event was described in atavistic fear of the unknown terms as well as the embarrassment and mind altering reaction memes.

I was thinking about the worthless nature of the amount of ink wasted on this nonsense when I also sensed a certain jealousy in myself as to why I didn’t get one of these?  I double checked and sure enough I received an old text concerning the frequency with which congregations received communion.  It was from January of this year and brought back old memories and old questions like “why do you need to know and what difference does it make?  Am I deficient in communion frequency or profligate in the number of times we offer it?  Are you looking to see the amount of money we spend on elements so you can invest in wine stocks or are you just nosey and have nothing better to do?

Anyway the long and short of the story is that it has no occult background and we are not getting messages from the beyond, we just have too many cooks in the soup of how we send and receive information.  Your internet or message provider shares your stuff with all sorts of companies whose job is to send it along, but of course they keep the data for a time, for reasons known only to them and the NSA, FBI, CIA, DNA, IRS, DAR, NRA, REA, REO, and other alphabet soup groups and then sometimes they mistakenly send it back to you, you poor sap.

So what do we learn from this earth shaking information?  First of all there is no such thing as privacy.  Secondly the only person on the face of the earth whose emails are secret, sacrosanct and unavailable is Hilary Clinton.  Thirdly, the hills are still alive with the sound of stupid.