For those who don’t remember, Mary Okeyo was a deaconess in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya who was like a force of nature.  Anyone who met her was struck by her joy, her dedication and her faith.  Her witness to Christ in Word and Deed was a joy to behold and an example to all.  Mary died from a sudden heart attack while at a church conference.

The Project 24 guys who met her and enjoyed her established a fund for travel for young people, college age, to travel to Kenya and hang around with deaconess’ , evangelists and indigenous Pastors.  The concept was not to do anything like build a church or teach or evangelize.  These were not meant to be mission trips but a chance to see how Christians in another culture half way around the world live out their Christian life.

We sent several groups over and the comments and consensus was that the trips were “life changing”.  Julie McManus went on one and will now be a GEO missionary in Kenya.  She might have become a GEO without the trip but I like to think that the Mary Okeyo trip was instrumental in her decision.

We are holding those trip in abeyance right now until we get a better handle on the security issues and our partners ability to handle visitors.  We are still taking donations however and covet your support of Julie as well.  Clicking on the link above will give you some information.