einsteinThey [the masses] are used to them [the miracles of God in nature] and saturated with them like an old house with smoke. They use them and root around in them like a hog in a bag of feed. They say: “Oh, is that such a great thing that the sun shines, or fire warms, or water gives fish, or the earth yields grain, or a cow calves, or a woman bears children, or a hen lays eggs?  That happens every day!”

My dear Mr. Simpleton, is it a small thing just because it happens every day? . . . If a magician could make an eye that would live or that would be able to see one cubit, great God, he would be a lord on earth! . . . But it is a discouraging thing that men are so damnably ungrateful and blind.  God showers upon them such great and rich miracles and they do not consider even one of them or thank Him for it. But if some clown shows up who can walk a tight rope or who has monkeys to display, him they admire, praise and exalt!”  Martin Luther