ebolaSeptember 17, 2014 > I’m sure you’ve heard about the crisis in West Africa right now. The ebola disease is killing people and spreading even as I write this. This hit home especially for us when we had word that one of our pastors in Conakry, Edward Koffeh, was informed that several of his family members have died from the disease in Sierra Leone. While Edward grieves this news he also has to grieve not being able to travel to that area to be with his family at this time. Being with the family at the time of a family member’s death and burial is extremely important in that culture. So far we’ve only heard of a couple of cases in Siguiri where we live and we pray that it stays that way. >

> Today we had news that the man who started the clinic in N’Zao, near N’Zerekore, Moses, was working with a delegation from the government to help inform people about the disease and how to prevent getting it. A rumor was started that the Clorox they brought along to help in disinfecting was actually the ebola disease. The delegation was attacked and seven people are missing, including Moses. Please, please pray for Moses, that God keeps him safe and uses this to His glory somehow! Moses is a strong Christian man and has done much to advance the health care in his area. His heart was to help stop ebola. > > Father in heaven, we commit Moses to you today and ask for your protection over Him. We know that Your ways are so much higher than our ways. Thank you for Moses and the love that You have put into his heart for Your Word and Your people. Encourage him now. Be with his family and give them Your peace that passes all understanding. And give peace to Edward and his family as he mourns his 7 brothers. Give wisdom to those fighting to stop this disease and bring glory to Your name through all this! Let Your Word go out to Your lost people. In Jesus’s precious name! AMEN!! > > Thanks for praying with us. Please continue daily prayers! > > Tim and beth ><>