A District-Wide one-day opportunity for congregations to focus on Mercy through tangible, compassionate opportunities serving those in need, in the name of Christ.

Martin Luther writes,

“Being rooted in the forgiveness of sins that Jesus won for us on the cross, mercy means feeding the poor, taking care of the sick, and caring for the orphans and widows.”

MercyCare Sunday – Step by Step

  1. Identify a need. Each congregation, by God’s design, is nestled into a community filled with need. Children? Adults? Seniors? Other? Where do you see a place where compassionate action can raise hearts and give a glimmer of hope?
  2. Create a Congregational Project. What can you as a congregation do to meet that need in a hands-on, tangible way? Involve people. Engage hearts. Like David Cummings says, “Relationships are the bridge that Jesus uses to walk from one heart to another.” Let’s build bridges of Christ-filled Mercy.
  3. After the church service on Pentecost, involve as many from your congregation in your MercyCare project. Load the cars and head out. Make serving in the Name of Jesus a big thing! Enjoy the connections, the friendships, and together enjoy the pure joy of touching hearts with the Mercy of Christ!
  4. Record what happens! Take pictures, interview participants, talk with those who are helped. Create a story-like record of what you did and how your Mercy-filled actions impacted
  5. Submit your story (stories)!
    Send your story to:
    MercyCare Sunday
    c/o Our Savior Lutheran Church
    3705 – 11th St. SW, Minot, ND 58701Stories, photos, and videos will be compiled to share the whole of the District as we set aside one day in the life of the District to live out the compassion of Christ.