There are lots of memories over almost fourty years of Christmas worship.  Driving through a blizzard with my brother in the early days coming back from one service and headed for another.  An early Christmas morning when I was tired and turned North toward St. Johns when 8 deer nonchalantly walked across the frozen road in front of my vehicle.  They didn’t run or panic, they ambled across the road as if they knew that on this one morning at least they were safe.

The memories of faces in candle light and the children’s programs of course are always special.  The All Faith’s Chapel Nativity scene stands out as poignant and moving.  Back in the day I was able during drive time to hear the Queens Christmas message on the CBC and that was always fascinating.

It is still the message and the light.  The enfleshment of God, the incarnation, the great exchange of love for sin and darkness can never fade and every year it shines a little brighter.  To you and yours this morning – Merry Christmas.