Muslim girl


If you read the Ukunda Tree  you are reading the words of a women by the name of Julie Harrington.  I met her on my last trip and we visited for about 2 minutes in the office in Nairobi.  We promised to keep in touch.  Since then I have learned little bits and pieces of her story.  I believe that she came to Africa from Minnesota, but I haven’t gotten that whole story yet.  Hopefully more later.  Her is one of her stories.

“My work started there because I am working with Heart To Heart Orphan Child Programme-a programme of social ministry through the Lutheran church. I was sent to Ukunda to help with the finishing and set up of Ukunda Rescue Centre as well as develop a heroin addiction recovery programme in Msambweni.

One of my favorite stories comes from a home visit I did with Pastor Bakari Dele. I went with them many times distributing food and other supplies and to visit with orphans waiting for placement in the centre. One day we drove and drove-we drove to the middle of nowhere and then went just beyond that. We drove down a little dirt trail and emerged in a clearing where a young Muslim woman with two children stood looking hopeless. It turns out she had been praying all morning; she had prayed for food because she had no money to buy food and no food in the house for her children. Pastor Dele explained we were there with money and food. He told her that while she prayed to her god it was the True God who heard and answered her prayers. He asked her, “How else do you explain that a white Christian woman has come and delivered you food and money?” She realized Dele was right; Allah had not sent a Muslim team to rescue her; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had sent someone in the name of Jesus to feed her and her children.

This is why we do what we do!”