The Big Five

Some people go on Safari and never see the “Big Five”.  I have and it is a great feeling.  Bill Sharpe of the North Dakota District is one of the original Project 24 guys,  He and the Kenya Task Force came up with a cool idea.  Here is what he writes –

 To see the Big 5 while on safari in Africa is a goal of many visitors. Too often, these well meaning tourists overlook the many children who don’t have enough to eat, a home or a school to attend. Project 24 recognizes both the earthly and spiritual needs of “the children of no one, but who are known by the One”. In partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya, Project 24 offers hope for today and eternity with Jesus.

In 2012, the delgates of the Minnesota North and North Dakota districts agreed to build 3 of the 24 planned rescue centers. The two districts not only agreed to work together on rescue center construction but also to send young adults to Kenya on mission trips. The first two Okeyo scholarship trips took place in 2012. One trip per year is anticipated in the future as funds become available.

The Big 5 Giving Club provides an opportunity for you to routinely offer financial support to these district initiatives. Your gift will be divided evenly between mission trip funding and orphanage construction. Gifts to the Big 5 Giving Club pay for Mary Okeyo mission trip airfares. Travelers pay the rest of their expenses.

Stay tuned for how you can participate.